We have four leagues here at Meadows. Each brings it’s own personality and possible fit for you to join us!

Sunday League

This is probably the most exciting league at The Farm. Every Sunday at 7:30 AM everyone in the league plays a predetermined 18 holes of golf. Once everyone is finished, we divide players into A players and B players. If there are 20 players, the lowest 10 scores will be A, the highest 10 scores will be B players. Each player A will randomly draw a B player. Once those two people are paired together, the computer will generate a best ball score between the two players. Several positions are paid out. There is also an individual skins game. Please contact Lloyd Knappenberger at [email protected] to join this fun league and to find out start dates.

Tuesday League

This league begins at 6:00 PM and has no set format. Teams consist of 2-4 players every week. The format changes every week and is a complete surprise when you arrive at the course. Teams are picked each week on general handicaps; official VSGA handicaps are not required. Please call the pro shop by 5:00 PM and notify them you would like to play. No walk ons as teams are preset and the league shotguns at 6:00 PM sharp. This league will not start until April 10th.

This 18-hole league called the “Goofers”, has around 80 older gentlemen who play early Tuesday mornings (shotgun start) at Meadows Farm from mid-March through mid-November. We have monetary prizes for closet to the pin and hole in ones, scrambles once a month and our end of year tournament and banquet. If you would like to join or get more information, please send an email to [email protected].

Wednesday League

This league plays 4-man captain choice variations for 9 holes. The league begins at 5:00 PM sharp every Wednesday. Players are asked to know by 4:30 PM if they are attending or show up and walk on no later than 4:45 PM. This is a first come, first served league and is capped at 36 players. Harold can be reached by phone at (571) 233-0561.

Thursday League

This league starts at 4:00 PM every Thursday and is comprised of 2-man teams. Teams play other two man teams throughout the year using handicaps. There is a max of 36 players allowed to play in this league. Alternates are welcome. Each player plays their own ball from tee to green each hole, and competes against a player on the opposing team for points. Please contact Mike Whellan for more details.

If you have any interest in starting your own league contact the Pro Shop at 540-854-9890